Primitive Landscape

42° 49´00” N 1° 39´00” O

Location: Pamplona, Navarra. Spain.

Year: 2017

Type: Rethinking Public Space

Status: Project

Team: Matias Grimaldi + Wilfried Wang / Efren Munarriz (Advisors)

Scale: L

Project questions:

How to transform the actual bullring into a primitive landscape?




What is behind a sacrifice?

Any sacrifice involves two things:

There is something to give and there is something expect to receive in return.

Someone has something and offer it for another thing that it does not have.

A sacrifice is an exchange, a transaction. An action awaiting reaction.

But, What happens if a sacrifice have not expected nothing to return?

What happens if any reaction is not expected?

When a sacrifice becomes voluntary and disinterested…

Does it become an act of transcendence or redemption?

Does such a type of sacrifice exist? I mean selfless sacrifice.

What if we think a project in which each of the parties involved gives something without asking anything in return?

Only trusting that this offering will contribute in something superior.